Hand Sanitizer Alternative: OMEDI Antibacterial Hand Lotion

Hand Sanitizer Dries Out Your Skin

It wasn’t too long ago, people didn’t mind a little ick after coming from the gym, hand sanitizer was just a store novelty, and disinfecting wipes were something you bought once every couple months. Humanity and our trends turned 180 degrees after the breakout of the viral Covid-19. Today, if you aren’t dousing your hands in sanitizer every 30 minutes you are at risk for contracting dangerous viral infections. At least the media feels this way. However, one of the negative aspects of using so much hand sanitizer is causing the skin on your hands to become extremely dry from the frequent contact of alcohol.


At OMEDI USA, we have devoted our time and passion into developing an unprecedented hand care product made for people who easily get dry skin, especially because of frequent contact with alcohol. Available in 3 different scent variations, 2 are amazingly fragrant while 1 has no scent at all. This hand cream does not temporarily eliminate microbials, bacteria, and viruses from your hands, it coats your hand in a film of antibacterial properties much like an invisible glove of protection. This means, that door knob you touch, the keyboard you type on, and many more things you touch will receive the benefits of the cream’s antibacterial properties while your hands stay completely barriered with long lasting disinfecting power. 

Hand Sanitizer Alternatives




When it comes to hand cream, hand lotions, or any moisturizers, you are pretty much dealt the hand regarding choosing the fragrance. Whether its retail stores or online, you are stuck with buying products that smell strongly of oils, especially from citrus and flowers. Wouldn’t if be great to have something that didn’t smell like candles and air freshener? At OMEDI we have just the product for people who want illuminating skin, yet none of the things that would excite the olfactory senses.  

antibacterial hand cream lotion moisturizer korean beauty omedi
Omedi Handcream No Scent
antibacterial hand cream lotion moisturizer korean beauty omedi
Omedi Handcream Lemongrass

If you’re into sorbets and tang, you might be absolutely surprised with this Lemongrass scented variation of OMEDI Hand Care. The fresh scent of lemons will sharpen your senses and those around you. Perfect for a myriad of instances, this lotion will not only bring a lasting shine to your hands, but will eliminate bad odors, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbials. You’ll realize a soft, cooling sensation as soon as this Lemongrass lotion is applied to your skin, leaving it buoyant and hydrated. You’re simply left with great smelling and disinfected hands.

Lastly, we have the Aroma scent version of OMEDI Hand Care. Aroma will leave your hands smelling elegantly of nature’s musk.  Just like the other two hand creams, this one is also fully antibacterial, moisturizing, and can be used as a hand wash to remove larger debris.

antibacterial hand cream lotion moisturizer korean beauty omedi
Omedi Handcream Aroma




If you are carrying around a hand wipe, hand lotion, and hand sanitizer in your bag, do yourself a favor and downsize your products for a more superior, trifunctional hand lotion that cleanses, moisturizes, and sanitizes. OMEDI Hand Care is available in 3 scent variations and you can find them here at omediusa.com/shop