Authorized Reseller Program

OMEDI Authorized Reseller Program

OMEDI Authorized Resellers are authorized to purchase OMEDI products from an OMEDI Authorized Distributor. In order to ensure that our products are properly promoted and supported, OMEDI has developed this Authorized Reseller Policy. This OMEDI Authorized Reseller Policy (“Policy”) governs the manner in which the Authorized Reseller program will be managed solely by OMEDI and does not create or imply any contractual relationship between OMEDI and Authorized Reseller.   OMEDI reserves the right to modify this policy from time to time without notice. Your acceptance into this program is at the sole discretion of OMEDI. OMEDI may terminate your participation in the program at any time without liability to you.  This Policy supersedes any and all agreements and/or policies previously held between OMEDI and reseller.
To become an Authorized Reseller of OMEDI products please email for an application.

Authorized Resellers may sell online only after receiving the OMEDI’s permission and then only on sites expressly approved by the OMEDI.

Resellers that violate the authorized reseller policy are subject to the OMEDI enforcing its policy.  An offending reseller’s authorized status may be revoked, and the reseller can be placed on a “do not sell” list communicated to distributors.

Internet Sales

You will not sell or offer for sale any OMEDI product over the Internet or any interactive electronic network without prior written approval from OMEDI. Authorized Resellers are only permitted to sell to end-users.  OMEDI reserves the right and has sole discretion to approve or disapprove of the sale or offering for sale by Authorized Reseller of OMEDI products over the Internet or any interactive electronic network. Authorized Resellers may only sell on those sites specifically identified and approved in advance by the OMEDI.  Authorized Reseller may not sell anonymously or using generic storefront name(s) and must provide legitimate contact information.
Authorized Reseller must not sell or offer for sale any current OMEDI product (excluding newly overhauled or used products) via any Internet auction website.


Resellers (Purchased through your Distributor)                                                               
Please contact your Distributor where you purchased the product. OMEDI will not exchange any products directly with the Authorized Reseller; this must be done through the Distributor.


If your consumer has a question about Omedi products:
Please have the consumer contact Omedi Customer Service:
Phone:  201-917-5434
Please provide the order number and a brief description of the issue


Authorized Resellers must provide the highest quality customer service when representing OMEDI products and must not mislead or provide incorrect information to the end-consumer. Authorized Reseller shall clearly and conspicuously disclose in all their advertising and point of purchase materials that any accessories represented by them to be “OMEDI compatible” are not manufactured or approved by OMEDI and may not be of the same quality as genuine OMEDI accessories.

Unauthorized Resellers

OMEDI shall not be held liable for sales by Unauthorized Resellers. OMEDI uses internal and third-party price monitoring software to immediately be notified of unauthorized resellers.  Any unauthorized resellers using the OMEDI trademarks will immediately be sent a cease and desist notification for trademark violations under the Lanham Act.  Failure to comply, OMEDI has the right to seek Trademark Infringement damages.

OMEDI Trademark License Policy

Once an entity is approved by OMEDI as an Authorized Reseller, OMEDI shall grant to Authorized Reseller the right to use OMEDI trademarks, which shall be personal, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, and non-transferable. Should an Authorized Resellers status become unapproved, such license shall be revoked and terminated immediately. The following usage rules shall be adhered to when using OMEDI trademarks:

1.     OMEDI trademarks should be used on all products and services sold or offered under such trademark/service mark, and the collateral materials used in conjunction with the products and services;
2.     OMEDI trademarks, word(s), product names, or logos must appear on all publicly released material in such a way as to give notice that the word or logo is a trademark of OMEDI.  The trademark should be larger and more prominent than the other text around it;
3.     The Authorized Reseller shall not use the OMEDI trademarks in a manner that might suggest co-branding or otherwise create potential confusion as to the ownership of the OMEDI trademarks;
4.     The OMEDI trademarks may not be combined with any other symbols including, words, logos, icons, graphics, photos, slogans, numbers, or other design elements;
5.     OMEDI trademarks, or any elements thereof, may not be used as a design feature in any materials;
6.     Except for size subject to the restrictions herein, OMEDI trademarks may not be altered in any manner including proportions, colors, elements, etc., or animated, morphed, or otherwise distorted in perspective or dimensional appearance. OMEDI trademarks and logos shall be reproduced in color format only – no black and white reproductions are authorized;
7.     OMEDI trademarks shall be attributed to OMEDI in all materials where used. The ™ or ® must follow the product name the first time it is listed or mentioned in any document where these trademarks are included;

Sometimes OMEDI and Authorized Reseller shall jointly produce a document, event, etc.  In these cases, the two identifiers or logos need to appear together. The nature of the document and its specific layout will suggest the most appropriate design treatment of these combined signatures. Close attention should be paid to sizing the two identifiers so that they will appear to be of the same “visual weight”. OMEDI trademarks and logos shall be reproduced in color format only – no black and white reproductions are authorized.
Any unauthorized resellers using OMEDI trademarks will immediately be sent a cease and desist notification for trademark violations.  The OMEDI retains the right to seek trademark Infringement damages should any reseller fail to comply with OMEDI trademark usage rules and license policy.