How To Make Hand Sanitizer

In this pandemic era you might find yourself shopping around for hand sanitizer products more than you used to, but you’re not alone. It has become a worldwide trend for most of the population who wish to stay safe and protected from bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbials. Most of the brick & mortar stores are selling out of hand sanitizer due to the hype, so you check online and then see a bunch listed for double the price they used to be. So how can you save money while having the essentials to protect yourself during this hectic sanitizer buying craze?

How to make your own hand sanitizer at home with simple household products

Ingredients needed:


      1. Pour Rubbing Alcohol into mixing bowl. The volume of sanitizer you create will depend directly upon how much Rubbing Alcohol you decide to use.
      2. Pour Aloe Vera Gel into mixing bowl. Use half the volume of Rubbing Alcohol. You don’t need to be exact just eye it out.
      3. If you want, put a few droplets of your chosen essential oil into the mix.
      4. Stir the mixture until the blend is cohesive and unified in texture.
      5. If too watery, add more Aloe Vera Gel and stir until desired texture is achieved.

Hand Sanitizer Uses:

      • At the finish of each work/school period
      • Before each break
      • Before eating or getting ready food
      • After heading off to the bathroom
      • Whenever hands are filthy or defiled

Believe it or not, many of the hand sanitizer products you have bought in the past utilizes these basic reputable ingredients, especially Ethanol which usually makes up around 99.94% of the sanitizing formula universally. In this homemade recipe, we are simply substituting about 0.06% of the universal formula that uses industry standard glycerol with a more abundant amount of natural Aloe Vera as the gelling agent. Pound for pound Aloe Vera is more expensive than Glycerol, so you can imagine why businesses prefer to use Glycerol. Kind of makes you scratch your head and wonder why you haven’t tried making safer homemade hand sanitizers before.  

Depending on the texture of your creation, a watery version would be ideal to use in copious amounts as a hand wash to cleanse away dirt, grime, and debris off your hands. A more jellified version of this Aloe Vera Sanitizer could be a great counter against dry and sensitive skin. If you have skin that easily dries out and cracks, especially in the winter, hand sanitizers that contain alcohol will quickly dry out your hands and lead to further abrasion. Including lots of Aloe Vera in your custom sanitizer formula can keep your hands from drying out. This tip may be helpful for the majority, but there are some of us whose skin dries out no matter how little Alcohol is contained in hand sanitizers. In this case, we have the perfect recommendation and solution to keep your hands sanitized, antibacterial, and most importantly moisturized! Recently Omedi USA has devoted a magnanimous amount of time, effort, and funds into developing an ALCOHOL FREE hand sanitizer made from natural ingredients with the core purpose of keeping your hands illuminating, ultra-hydrated, and protected from viruses for a long time.